Social Media and Moving to Colorado Springs

Social Media and MovingLong ago prior to the internet, you were (metaphorically) proceeding by guesswork when moving in another city. You could possibly pen a letter to or get in touch with the local Chamber of Commerce for information, or search through your alumni publication to find a handful of associates there, but by and large you found out about the best physician, fitness center, and dry cleaners through trial and error and perhaps some wrinkled dress shirts.

Thanks to social media tools such as Facebook, Nextdoor, as well as Pinterest, you can obtain the picture of things from the comfort of your sofa before you even start to think about organizing your long-distance household move. Facebook offers the most comprehensive selection of groups and pages, yet Instagram will send you down a more off-the-beaten path for everything from contractors and interior designers to places to eat, boutiques, and watering holes. Continue reading for a high-level summary of each social platform and ways in which they could assist when moving to Colorado Springs.


Facebook is the Sears Holiday catalog for the present--it's got something for everybody, but to newbies who've just moved to town it is a treasure trove of data, which includes live and real-life testimonials. The appropriate communities and listings names vary across the country yet seek out these sorts of names.

· Moms in Charge (MIC)

MIC started to be a marketplace alternative to online resources like Craigslist in 2015 but has transformed into the go-to authorities--half dance studio testimonials, part flea market, a part therapy time--this circle possesses affiliates nationally. It's a closed group, and so you need an invitation, or ask to join and the community page administrator authorizes you after having a speedy--generally algorithmic--glance at your own page, to ensure you're who you say you are. There are additional local moms' Facebook groups, as well, that you're certain to find with just a brief search.

· Local Area/Town Page

Nearly every town and crossroads these days possesses a Facebook profile--it is typically run by the economic development or parks and rec office. It's a public page and discusses anything from the fire department's managed burns to free cone day at the neighborhood ice cream shop. Town pages generally hyperlink to the town's website, which contains more comprehensive details on neighborhood happenings.


Nextdoor is an app for your smartphone that takes the neighborhood social media goings-on to a truly local level--building, street, subdivision, or even small town. You must validate you reside the place you say you do in order to enter--they normally send out a code to your address--consequently a given group's membership will be tightly controlled. You are likely to rapidly learn more than you may would like to know concerning all your new neighbors, and yes, who's not picking up their doggie's poop has been known to be a popular area of interest.


On the surface, Pinterest seems like the exception here--it is only pictures of food and people's houses. In case you are into design and you've moved to Colorado Springs, for example, search for "architectural columns Colorado Springs" and you'll find historic homes, area architects, along with anything else remotely associated with that search. The same thing goes for places to eat, retailers, health spas, as well as other vendors--shops basically advertise on the site, however it opens more than the conventional mall-and-chain store buying experience for newcomers.


That's right, that identical LinkedIn that likely got you the new position in the new place is really a terrific resource for finding volunteer opportunities--the part of the site is LinkedIn For Good and will hook you up with the charities around town. There's nothing like working with a cause you truly believe in to help you feel like a part of your new area.

The beauty of employing social media to become acclimated after moving to Colorado Springs is that you can easily do it at your leisure from your recliner, as opposed to calling during business hours and crossing your fingers for the best.


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