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January 09, 2019

Social Media and Moving to Colorado Springs | A-1 Freeman

Social Media and MovingIn the past before the internet, you were (metaphorically) flying blind when moving in a different town or city. You may choose to compose a letter to or call the area Chamber of Commerce for info, or search through your alumni magazine to find a handful of contacts there, but by and large you discovered the most suitable pediatrician, health club, and dry cleaners through experimentation and possibly a few wrinkled shirts.

Thanks to social media tools such as Facebook, Nextdoor, as well as Pinterest, you can obtain the state of things straight from your couch before you even begin to contemplate scheduling your long-distance household move. Facebook supplies the most thorough selection of groups and pages, yet Instagram will send you down a more off-the-beaten route for all sorts of things from contractors and interior designers to eateries, boutiques, as well as watering holes. Read on to get a high-level overview of each social platform and how they could help when moving to Colorado Springs.


Facebook is the Sears Christmas catalog for the 2000s--it's got something for everyone, however for newcomers who may have recently moved to town it can be a valuable collection of information, which includes real-time and real-life reviews. The relevant groups and listings names fluctuate throughout the country but seek out these sorts of names.

· Moms in Charge (MIC)

MIC started out as a marketplace alternative to online resources similar to Craigslist in 2015 but has transformed to the go-to authorities--part dance studio testimonials, a part flea market, part therapy time--this organization possesses affiliates nationally. It is a closed organization, therefore you require an invitation, or ask to join and the area page admin approves you after a brief--normally algorithmic--look at your own page, to be sure you are who you say you are. There are many other area moms' Facebook groups, as well, that you're bound to locate with just a simple search.

· Community Area/Town Page

Almost every hamlet and crossroads nowadays provides a Facebook profile--it is commonly run by the economic development or parks and rec office. It is a open public page and covers everything from the fire division's managed burns to free sundae day at the local ice cream hang-out. Community pages normally connect to the town's site, which has more thorough information on neighborhood happenings.


Nextdoor is an app for your smartphone that takes the neighborhood social media happenings to a really neighborhood level--building, street, addition, or even small town. You will need to validate you reside where you say you do to join--they usually send a code to your address--consequently a specific group's membership is securely controlled. You are likely to rapidly discover more than you may want to know about your new neighbors, and indeed, who is not picking up their doggie's poo is known to be a popular topic.


On the face of it, Pinterest might appear to be the fish out of water here--it is simply pictures of food items and people's residences. If you're into design and you've moved to Colorado Springs, as an example, search for "architectural columns Colorado Springs" and you'll find historic houses, nearby designers, and everything else vaguely connected to that search. The identical thing goes for cafes, shops, gyms, as well as other vendors--stores in essence advertise on the site, but it creates more than the normal mall-and-chain store shopping expertise for newcomers.


That's right, that identical LinkedIn that likely got you the new position in the new location is often a superb resource for locating volunteer opportunities--the area of the site is LinkedIn For Good and will connect you with the charities in town. Nothing compares to working with a cause you genuinely believe in to enable you to feel like an integral part of your new neighborhood.

The beauty of employing social media to get acclimated after moving to Colorado Springs is that you are able to do it at your leisure from your sofa, instead of phoning over business hours and crossing your fingers for the best.


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The Mickelson Family
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