What to Expect with Employee Relocation Services

What to Expect with A-1 Freeman Moving Group Employee Relocation Services

A major commitment of ours is to provide you with corporate relocation services that minimize downtime to help keep your company productive and profitable all through the move. One way we ensure this – one very significant way – is to partner with you in the relocation of your employees. With that in mind, we make available a full selection of employee relocation services that are unexcelled in the industry. And just as focused and efficient as we are in executing your office relocation, we’re equally so in the way we handle employee relocation. Our process significantly helps relieve the headaches of moving. That keeps your employees in good spirits and, as a result, makes your corporate relocation a congenial experience for everyone involved.

Our Employee Relocation Process

These are the steps you can count on us taking:

Corporate Needs Assessment
Our field representatives meet with you right away to gain information on each and every issue impacting your corporate move – including not solely what has to be moved but also who has to be moved. We’ll additionally examine whatever move policy you’ve created to insure that our services as your move progresses.

Employee Education
A A-1 Freeman Moving Group Move Concierge will initiate contact with your transferring employees to review each employee’s relocation needs, explain our services and how we perform them, and make clear what particular assistance the Move Concierge will provide. In the opening contact, the Move Concierge will give your employees an explanation of ...
  • the basic tenets of moving,
  • our in-home and video inventorying methodology,
  • our insurance coverage,
  • shipment dates and spreads,
  • their company’s corporate move policy, and
  • how A-1 Freeman Moving Group particularly aids children and families throughout the move process.
Employee Move Assistance
The all-encompassing services we make available each of your transferring employees and their families entail ...
  • real-estate help to slash overarching relocation costs and difficulties for your company and your employees – by virtue of A-1 Freeman Moving Group’s pairing with SIRVA Relocation, a national, full-service relocation firm specializing in home sale marketing and property closing, temporary housing, home finding and destination services, and mortgage financing;
  • A-1 Freeman Moving Group SourceOne Service to simplify the moving process for your employees – managed by their personal Move Concierge, who serves as the employee’s single point of contact and specifies a driver crew to take charge of their relocation from start to finish;
  • packing assistance;
  • delivery of packing materials for self-pack;
  • comprehensive loading, moving, and unloading services;
  • tear-down and, upon completion of the move, putting back together pieces like beds, entertainment centers, swing sets, etc.; and
  • vehicle freighting – cars, trucks, motorcycles ... even ATVs and boats.
Other services can be provided too, depending on the provisions of the corporate move policy and the terms of the move agreement.

Ongoing Communication
Over the course of the relocation process, the Move Concierge communicates constantly with your employees, giving them ...
  • Move Concierge assistance as necessary, 24 hours a day,
  • online move status updates 24 hours a day,
  • at least 70 communications during the relocation, including assistance from others as a complement to the services of the Move Concierge who can help provide a flawless relocation,
  • pro-active customer service to stop minor issues from becoming huge hassles,
  • responsive service – such as instantly returning calls when employees have questions or concerns, and
  • communication post-move – even through final claims resolution, where claims are, in fact, filed.
Post-Relocation Follow-up
Following our relocation of an employee, the Move Concierge will get hold of that employee to conduct a brief, convivial post-move survey. This, in essence, is a wrap-up “quality check” to learn what your employee thinks of the relocation, how well we ultimately conformed to his or her expectations, and what, if any, issues might remain. Being apprised of these things helps us continually improve our services and our move practices. As a parting thought, our Move Concierge will give your employees a heartfelt THANK YOU for the opportunity to serve every one of them!

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