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December 21, 2018

Six Approaches to Keep the Team Going Throughout Your Office Move to Colorado Springs

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Office MovingSooner or later in the life cycle of your organization you're going to move your office. A commercial relocation is frequently as anxious for you and your personnel as a household goods move, only more so for you because you're responsible for your crew's well-being, also. Listed here are 6 ways to keep your team focused and involved throughout your office move to Colorado Springs.

Open Communication

Be as straightforward and clear as you possibly can with your employees. Make them aware of the reasons for the move--expansion, less expensive office space, or even the need to be closer to infrastructure including railways or airports--and more importantly, make the move public as soon as possible. In case your move is a result of downsizing, reassure your remaining staff that the move is a natural part of a positive restructuring. Send out a pre-move calendar that includes essential dates--any task deadlines, the times you will be moving, the periods that you are packing and loading. The greater specifics you present, the better your staff will be able to coordinate their duties through to the move day. In case something changes in your agenda, spread the word.

Request Input

After you have decided to make a move, gather input from your team--a wish list, if you will--about the location and the sort of office they might want. If you can, involve your employees in the decision making--these are the folks who got you where you are, thus their views and suggestions ought to make a difference.

Deal with Commute Times, Transportation, and Parking

Each organization is diverse, however there are some constants in general for instance--everybody will have to commute to the office. If you're in a small community, a move will not be such a problem relating to things like parking garages, public transit, as well as traffic patterns because they generally will not be a concern. In the event that those are aspects to your personnel, you'll need to consider how they effect their capability to get to and from work in a practical time, and how and where they park if you are in an metropolitan area where parking is at a premium. Plan everybody's new travel and time, and if you are able to, offer to help with transportation cost or parking fees. Be open to adjustable hours or work-from-home days for any personnel that are up against lengthy commute times.

Supply Information on Child Care in Colorado Springs

Examine child care and after school care close to the new office and offer to help pay for the application costs for team members who will need to make a change in day care.

Determine Targets, Yet Have Some Fun

It is easy to get ensnared in the anxiety and adrenaline rush--to the point that very little work gets done in the days before the office move to Colorado Springs. Particularly when your move is long-distance, it is easy to forget the jobs at hand when you are house-hunting and marketing your old house and researching school districts and uprooting families. There will be confusion and concern, hence grant your team some leeway--but be ready to delicately steer any wanderers back on course if they begin to slip.

Human nature being how it is, there's bound to be a bit of low morale and anxiety in the weeks approaching the move. Again, if your move is interstate this will be much more pronounced, so present rewards for remaining focused and productive. Plan packing gatherings or get-togethers for families on the weekends.

Supply an Information Folder on Colorado Springs

Even in this electronic age, an info packet is a marvellous thing to get. The particulars of this folder is dependent upon the scale of the move--if it's local then you won't need to investigate schools and local neighborhoods. For a move involving moving houses as well as the business, there will be the things you will need to discuss, such as: subdivisions, school districts, child care, churches, hospitals/health care, local retail stores (grocery store, local pharmacy, shopping), restaurants, vets, fitness centers and after school programs.

As with any move, a commercial relocation to Colorado Springs will likely be hectic. By using these straightforward ideas, you can ease a bit of that anxiety and make sure it's a positive experience leading to higher staff retention, so that you hit the ground running the first working day in the new workplace.

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The Mickelson Family
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