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February 09, 2019

Moving Out: Tips to Get Back Your Entire Security Deposit

Moving OutBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving out of a rental is one of those things that nearly everyone seems to be experienced with. Many of us, when moving out of a rental residence or apartment, are depending on the security deposit for helping manage the expense of the move. That is a month or maybe more of rent that might be used as a down payment for the new place, to recover your used up savings, or to pay for pieces of furniture and supplies you will need soon after moving. And to obtain that deposit back, you need the property manager to have zero grounds to take deductions.

Currently, that's exactly what we're here to discuss. In order to make sure you get 100% of your security deposit back when you move in Colorado Springs this time around, the following is the regimen which is effective for each skilled renter.

Clear Areas Whilst Packing

It can be a common myth that you may only begin fixing up a dwelling after all your stuff is moved out. But this is how you end up working yourself to the last day devoid of time to clean or complete repairs. You can get rolling once you begin packing.

Start with low-priority rooms and spots like the extra bedroom or your closet. When you pack, thoroughly clear each area, stacking all boxes in a corner or possibly a section of the family room. The more you box up, the more of your home will be clear and thus easy to scrutinize. This is actually the most effective way to make sure you discover any issues while you still have time to repair them.

Examine Everywhere for Indications of Damage

Never assume that because you haven't noticed any harm to the property or apartment that the property manager won't uncover any. There are lots of minimal things that your eyes just never give attention to which your property manager might focus on like a bloodhound. Scratches on the wall, stains on the carpeting, nail holes, along with wobbly fixtures can all possibly end up being reductions to your security deposit should your property owner sees and pays to fix them.

But not if you locate them to begin with. Get on your inspector cap and review the residence using a fine-tooth brush. Inspect each and every wall for damage, every baseboard, each individual door and also cabinet. It's fine to depart the residence better than you found it to make sure there's nothing which will reduce your security deposit as you move out.

Create a list of everything you discover along with the supplies you will need to complete repairs.

Fill Nail Holes and Small Repairs

Next, complete the maintenance tasks. Don't merely observe that they need executing. Nail holes are a problem for a few landlords and if you hung anything up from art to drapes, you need to plug the holes back in. A little putty or spackle is going to do the job and if the walls are white, you will possibly not even require a paint touch-up.

Look after other modest repairs also. The good thing is that you can buy low-cost repair kits for about anything online. From scratches in the wood floors to squeaky cupboard drawers. Oh, and consider getting a steam cleaner for the day to clean up the carpets. If there's any areas that happen to be specifically hard to clean, consider using a baking soda solution and ultizing a nail brush in circles across the mark or sticky area.

Move Furnishings using Foot Pads and Blankets

When moving your pieces of furniture out, the very last thing you'd like to do is leave behind any excess scrapes. Moving sizeable pieces of furniture could be challenging and there is consistently a possibility of dinging a wall or door frame when attempting to get by. Plus, if you don't fully lift up the furniture, you should keep floors protected from scuff marks and scratches.

Thankfully, this answer is uncomplicated: Blankets and foot padding. Pertaining to furniture that you intend to pull part of the way, make certain there are felt foot pads attached on or, in a pinch, pieces of fabric attached by using rubber bands around the feet. Regarding edges along with doors, all you should do is encapsulate the edges of your household furniture in towels or even blankets to avoid a scrape.

Don't Leave Anything Behind in Colorado Springs

Forgotten things are one of the most frequent factors behind security deposit conflicts. Do not leave a pile of items that didn't squeeze into the car. In the event that you do, your landlord is A) obligated to confirm and see if you would like it and B) is saddled with the bill for clearing it out.

Although they could very well pitch or donate the things, it's likely that the property manager is going to pay a trash service to come get it and after that bill the price to your security deposit. To avoid this, spend some time to clear positively every one of your own items out of the house prior to leaving.

Get Pictures of Everything

Moving tip take picturesMost landlords are good private property owners merely converting their investments into a advantageous type of income. However a few may be trying to find any way to get extra cash away from tenants.

On these unusual situations, property managers have been recognized to allege problems that were not there and even cause and take pictures of the issues themselves after a tenant departs. All purely to take a little bit of or their entire security deposit. Consequently, like a renting pro, the best option is to snap pictures of your own prior to when you hand over the keys.

And so, on your very last day when the property is totally bare, have a total photo-snapping tour of the property. Which includes each side of every single door as well as the interiors of closets and even kitchen cabinets. Make it clear that the property was in exceptional order at the time you departed just in case any type of questions arise down the road concerning 'damage' you did not induce.

Give Over the Key Successfully

Some property owners are incredibly choosy regarding giving over the property keys, but some might not be. Especially if you accidentally take a key with you when you vacate the premises.

Property owners that happen to be picky regarding keys can also be prepared to bill you for a new key or perhaps for the price of replacing the locks. This would be an unnecessary purpose to lose a portion of your security deposit, therefore make sure you hand the key over exactly the way the landlord requires.

Give a Forwarding Address

Finally, make certain you supply your property manager a forwarding address. This is the standard method they will contact you to send the security deposit as well as their report on infractions assuming they actually do somehow uncover a problem with the residence or apartment you recently moved out of.

Consequently always, always, always provide your landlord a forwarding address to be able to ensure you get your deposit and handle all documents in case they try to pull a stunt to keep a portion of your cash.


Most property managers are entirely fair, fine people who want to give your security deposit back in full. Using these approaches, you'll be able to move out of your rental leaving it in exceptional condition, and you will find that deposit perfectly back in your account before you know it. Not to mention, if the property owner does attempt some shenanigans, then you know that the residence was in terrific shape and can dispute readily with photographs to demonstrate it.

Here At A-1 Freeman Moving Group, we've helped customers with utterly all types of moves in Colorado Springs, from local to long-distance to international residential moving. And in our four decades in business, we've learned quite a lot of strategies and secret approaches for minimizing the headache of this exhausting and time-consuming moving process. To get more great tips to move like a pro, contact us right away!


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