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June 21, 2019

How to Handle the Move When Your Home Possession Date changes

Packing & MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Obtaining a new home using the proceeds from your former home is quite normal. Most homeowners go through this process to move which is extremely time-sensitive. Everything in the home-to-home swap is a component of a sophisticated dance. One which consists of moving hundreds of pounds of personal effects as well as changing many thousands of dollars all in the stretch of a couple days. Not to mention that you could be also moving several hundreds of miles from one house to the next.


The steps proceed something such as this:

· Pack and Get Ready to Move

· Close the Deal

· Move Out

· Close the Purchase

· Drive with Your Things Across the State/Country/World

· Move into New Home

If all goes in line with your long-distance move strategy, you'll be hanging your clothes in the new residence before long. But what happens when the closing and ownership times shift at the last second? What would you do in case your residence sale was delayed, or if the purchase of your following house had been delayed for factors beyond your control? The ideal response is to plan, just in case. The following are your best possibilities if you find your move to Colorado Springs postponed on one end or the other.

Get Your Delay Ducks in a Row

If your timetable is this tight in addition to contingent on closing real estate deals, every part of the project is linked. Any delay with your arrival will postpone when you can receive the moving truck in Colorado Springs. Delays in leaving lead to hold-ups in arrival. And everything is determined by filling out the paperwork. So, in case your house sale or purchase end up getting deferred at either end, you'll have to get all your moving ducks in a row, right away.

You may want:

· Temporary lodgings

· Non-permanent storage for the stuff within the truck

· New schedule regarding your moving company

You Are Deferred on Closing the Sale

To close the sale on your current house, you may need to be physically there to supervise the transfer and approve the final papers. That being said, how are you affected in the event the closing date is delayed when you are already booked to leave soon?

What you need to do is determined by how large a delay you expect. One- or two-days lag, you'll be able to grab a hotel room and send your things on ahead as scheduled. But a week or even more holdup will mean that you'll need to form notably different arrangements. Delay the professional movers and keep your stuff placed in your home until your buyers are ready to close.

Next consider whether you prefer to reside in the packed-up property or confirm yourself a short-term room. Long-stay suites may be used to book by the night, week, or month which may be a lifesaver if you are between homes pending contracts.

For much longer hold-ups, it may be worth unpacking some things to cut costs and staying put while the obstacles are taken care of.

You're Late on Closing the Purchase

Details get even more complicated if the delay is on the other end. You could have buyers ready to go or even have closed and are on your way before getting warning that your home purchase is being delayed. Such things happen every once in a while, and it is possible to endure it no matter the amount of a wrench it throws in your effortlessly orchestrated moving plan.

Again, the initial factor is how long the postponement is. However even a one- or two-day holdup can really be of importance.

To begin with, get yourself somewhere to stay. A lot of moving households will already be prepared to get a night or two in a hotel just in case. However, if there are delays in the possession time, you'll need somewhere to remain and wait it out. Motels are ideal for small setbacks. For prolonged waiting times, look into long-stay suites and also vacation rentals that provide reduced premiums for scheduling a week/month.

As for your things, that also relies considerably on timing. Moving trucks often arrive after the homeowners do, since they move slowly on truck routes going truck speeds. With luck, the lag might not have an impact on your move whatsoever. In the event the moving truck is booked to show up several days after you do, you'll be all set. However, once the moving truck shows up it will need to drop your things off someplace.

At this stage, you may need temp personal storage. Your moving company might be set up to assist you with space for storing at the destination or you could obtain your chosen community storage spot on your own. In either case, your possessions might need to be stowed temporarily until the holdup is resolved.


Moving can be nerve-racking, and unforeseen setbacks add to the turmoil. It is important to remember is to take care of yourself and others in your household. From there, it is all about corresponding with your movers and fixing the delay. Here at A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Colorado Springs, we are happy to assist clients deal with unforeseen slowdowns by offering storage solutions to make your move as easy as is feasible.


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The Mickelson Family
The Mickelson Family
Best. Move. Ever!
Very pleased with the overall respect and care the men gave to my possessions. Even mailing me very quickly the only thing lost in transit. Would recommend to anyone needing a long distant move.
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