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October 06, 2018

Fall Upkeep Endeavors for New Homeowners in Colorado Springs

New Homeowners - MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Great job--you're a new homeowner!

After the movers have gone, and you're really a homeowner, as opposed to contacting your landlord if the air conditioner goes on the fritz, or maybe the roof drips, guess who must repair it? That is correct--you do. Likelihood is pretty good that modest detail was brushed aside in your joy over moving to Colorado Springs as well as new items (which with any luck included a leaf blower), but now that autumn is really around the corner, it's time to get your new residence ready for chilly weather conditions. There's no need to panic, just adhere to these helpful hacks and you will be ready for chestnuts roasting on an open fire in no time.


To the extent that you love having air conditioning in the summer, if it breaks down for a couple of days you are able to survive. If your furnace has a winter break, particularly if it's within the center of a "weather event", your actual survival might be endangered.

Inspecting your furnace is a priority on the to-do list. If you are a smart home buyer, and you are, then you certainly had the Heating and cooling examined before you closed on the new abode. You ought to have confidence that the insides are in good condition, but you need to do these simple things no less than annually. 

  • Replace filters--you ought to swap your filters every 90 days, unless you have a permanent one. In that case, dismantle it and clean it on the same schedule.
  • Check that the vents are open and take away any build up from the unit--a leaf blower will do a decent job.
  • Switch to smart thermostat--they conserve lots of power as they are programmed to automatically reset each day. 


Safety first--in advance of when you get on the roof in Colorado Springs, be sure you have the appropriate step ladder plus a helper to hold the ladder and catch you should you topple--or at the very least contact 911. Otherwise, use a roofing company to come get rid of the crud and tidy the gutters.

If you're positive you can go up there and back safe and sound, this is what you need to do. 

  • Remove any tree branches or other sorts of rubble that might be up there.
  • Clean up the gutters. Stopped up rain gutters result in more roof damage than the snow, wind, and rain--if the water can't pass cleanly through, pooling water results in leaks. Pooling water which freezes seeps into roofing shingles and will allow your roof to leak sooner. The leaf blower is fairly beneficial for gutter maintenance, also. Getting a clog-free rain gutter system is a wise idea for those who have a wooded lot. 

Windows and Doors

Should your house has newer, energy-efficient windows and doors, clean the build up from the frames and check that the weather-stripping is neat as well as in good appearance. This is a good task for a windy day--it's less difficult to tell if there are spaces when you can feel the breeze. In the event the weather-stripping is degrading, replace it--it's reasonably priced and available in a variety of colors from home improvement retailers.

Should you have older windows with screens, remove the screens and replace them with storm windows. The storms are heavier glass that can help hold on to warmth.


Just as before, since you have just recently purchased the residence, the chimney for a wood burning fireplace really should be in fine working order. It's still a good idea to pay attention to any clutter that's dropped in, as well as smaller sized animals which have thought they would nest there. You don't want your very first roaring fire being enhanced with eau de chipmunk.

Patio Furniture

The way you treat your outside living spaces is dependent significantly on your geographical area. In certain areas, you may use your yard year around; in others you'll want to start buttoning up by early Fall. In the event that harsh weather conditions are normal, cover up your furniture or carry it inside in the garage or even basement, and cover up barbecue grills, as well. Plastic playthings (playhouses, sandboxes) will need shelter, so cover those as well--it's very nice to keep those outdoors for sunny times in the event the children want to get outdoors.

Good luck on transforming into a home owner in Colorado Springs, and in case you do not currently have a leaf blower, go get one. It is the most convenient tool possible for house upkeep.

And, if you wish to become a new homeowner and need help moving in Colorado Springs, give A-1 Freeman Moving Group a call!!


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The Mickelson Family
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