The A-1 Freeman Moving Group Difference in Corporate Relocation Services

The A-1 Freeman Moving Group Difference for Employee Relocation

Our vast experience as a corporate relocation mover, coupled with the 1,000-plus interviews and focus groups we’ve conducted, have helped us recognize exactly what firms like yours most expect from a mover:
  • You want to arrange your corporate relocation yourself.
  • You want to trust that your employees are given exemplary care from us at each stage of the move.
  • You want a detailed invoice from us.
  • You want objective reporting on the quality of our relocation services and how conscientiously we executed them.
As a result, we’ve launched what we identify as our “Silent” Employee Relocation Service. What it means to silence is the unending assault of information and update demands as well as complaints companies like yours tend endure from their employees during the course of what passes for a normal corporate move is in progress. And in fulfilling this silent service, we’ve gone the extra mile to insure there’s nothing usual about a corporate move handled by A-1 Freeman Moving Group!

Here’s How We’ve Set Ourselves Apart

  • Unambiguously establishing ourselves as a key contact with your employees and letting them know we take personal responsibility for making their relocation an exceptional one
  • Following through on every promise we make
  • Serving as an extension of your firm: an "on-staff" mover
  • Giving accurate definitions of our services and fulfilling your employees’ hopes
Move Policy Management and Adherence
  • Employing our proprietary Move Management Technology to understand and maintain your relocation policy and thereby lessen the number of calls you have to field from employees during the move
  • Completing our client profile of your firm, which lists almost every relocation essential, before we accept the first move
  • Constantly consulting the client profile in order to conclude whether a certain move service is "Always Authorized" by you, is up to us to "Use Our Discretion" in performing, necessitates that we "Call for Authorization", or is "Never Authorized"
  • Taking the time to thoroughly understand you, our client, and your needs prior to our move relationship
  • Constantly updating as necessary contact, policy, and contract files
Employee Education
  • Giving you comprehensive explanations of how we execute our services and what our Move Concierges will be held accountable for
  • Making a preliminary call that explains ...
  • moving fundamentals
  • Our In-Home or Video Inventory Process
  • insurance coverage
  • shipment dates and spreads
  • Corporate Move Policy
  • how we help children and families during the move
  • Directing our Move Concierges to confer personally with your relocating families to determine and understand their needs, examine the move process, and make a precise estimate of their possessions
  • Providing constant communication with your relocating employees to prevent unneeded calls from coming through to you
  • Offering 24-hour-a-day Move Concierge assistance
  • Putting move status updates online 24 hours a day
  • Seeing that your Move Concierge communicates more than 70 times with you, your relocating employees, and others who are accountable for assuring that your empoyees have a smooth relocation
  • Continuing communication – even through final claims resolution, in the event claims are filed
Proactive Customer Service
  • Committing ourselves to keeping you and your employees fully advised and reassured throughout the move
  • Using our move management technology to recognize likely problems before they materialize
  • Providing ”front-loaded” employee education and communication to eliminate misapprehensions and assure peace of mind
  • Making an introductory call to your moving employees within 24 hours
  • Speedily returning calls to you and your relocating employees
  • Being on-call for your and your employees 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
Evaluation and Reporting
  • Carefully monitoring our quality on average and the performance of every A-1 Freeman Moving Group employee who deals with you and your employees in the course of the move
  • Following up after the move with a telephone survey of your relocated employees
  • Assessing each stage of the move after it’s completed
  • Posting the results of our review on your website – truthful results that enable you to measure our performance against your quality standards and help us maintain constant improvement
Total Quality Control
  • Providing it with a belief based on experience that the surest way to stop your relocating employees from calling or emailing you with gripes is not to have gripes at all
  • Insuring that we’re never without extraordinary people ready to serve you anywhere in the nation

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