When Its Raining on Moving Day in Colorado Springs

rainy dayBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

You've organized your move diligently. Everything's packed up, the professional movers in Colorado Springs are going to be there soon, and the weather has been clear and full of sun for weeks. Yet on the day of your move, you awaken to the gentle pitter-patter of wet weather soaking in your lawn and also shining on the pavement. Bad weather stands out as the very final thing you desire when you find yourself preparing for a major moving day. Who wants saturated items, slick walkways, and excessive mud to cope with? But don't stress! As a moving company in Colorado Springs who's been around for over forty years, we've seen a lot of moving days, rain or shine, and we promise you can make it through with negligible dampness and mud as you go along.

Here is how to manage a rainy moving day in Colorado Springs like a master.

When You Notice the Rain:

1) Set Aside Cleaning Products & Bath towels

The very first thing you will want to do is make sure your cleaning supplies along with bath towels won't go into the moving van too soon. Despite the fact that your professional movers will set down floor protection, you will probably choose to mop once the move is finished and maybe during the day if there is enough mud or tracked-in puddles to address. Therefore, have your mop and pail ready to go and ready to place last into the moving van.

Bath towels are usually equally helpful for different benefits. Towels can dry off lightly moist belongings once they get into the moving truck, wrap things to survive quick bad weather exposure, and mop up floor puddles should they happen. Consequently, keep a couple of bath towels handy and don't be bashful about quick-wash or quick-drying them through the day. Think about placing down towels proactively throughout high-traffic walkways.

Park the Moving van Right Up to Your Door

Then, you must do everything you're able to to limit the amount of time your stuff is carried under the open rainy sky. Covered porches are good for increasing your rain-protected walk in case you have one. Either way, you'll want to park the truck up as near your home as is possible, thinking about the ramp length as appropriate. This may minimize the quantity of raindrops that will drop on your belongings in addition to moving team during the day.

2) To Protect Your Belongings:

Covered Porches and Make-Shift Tarp Roofs

Try to create the maximum amount of cover for your exterior walking path as is possible. Use covered porches whenever you can and investigate the area for possible wise utilization of tarps. You could be able to string a tarp from the top of the moving van towards the edge of your porch, but then again perhaps not. You should not go overboard however try to lessen the rain-exposed space in between your home as well as the moving van.

Cover Furniture & Cartons for Precipitation Exposure

Next, take into consideration how you can transfer pieces of furniture and boxes from your home to the moving van without getting them wet. Tarps are perfect for this, also, but you can also get creative and use items you currently have. Good sized garbage bags, as an example, can certainly wrap cartons or be placed over furniture as you go however have a greater possibility of catching air and flying away than a heavy tarp.

Even blankets along with towels can shield your items from a couple of feet of light drizzle if you move quickly.

Plastic Crates back and forth to the Moving van

Think about buying a few large plastic totes from a local home improvement store. They are quite effective for carrying smaller things or packing containers and can be utilized over and over. Make use of a shut plastic tub like a rain shield, placing belongings inside, and then emptying the bin inside the moving van and returning for another protected load. This method may take a little longer but will keep your items dry.

Towel Everything Off inside the Truck

And when belongings do make it into the truck, have someone inside with a bunch of bath towels ready to dry them off. A brief towel-off can create a huge difference for lightly damp and even plastic-protected items and can likewise decrease the dampness inside the truck throughout the move.

Keep towels indoors as well to towel off tarps, cardboard boxes, and plastic wrap which has executed its task but got moist along the way.

3) To Secure Your Flooring surfaces:

Floor Mats for Foot Wiping

If there's mud on the moving path, lay out heavy-duty floor mats / welcome mats at any door in use. Encourage foot wiping for everybody and be prepared to bang out the mats to employ again halfway through the move. Set down towels to prevent puddles.

Bucket Brigade Through the Entry

One fantastic strategy to keep your floors clean throughout a rainy or muddy move is to work in a bucket-brigade fashion. Have one crew of individuals in the house with clean footwear picking up cartons and furniture to bring them to the front door, and the other team with muddy shoes taking items from there to the moving truck. Use your tiled front entrance or even covered porch as the hand-off area.

Towel-Up Puddles & Mud Slicks Quickly

Lastly, keep the bath towels and mop-bucket handy to be able to immediately tidy up all messes which make it indoors. Mud can be put back outdoors or mopped up and poured down the drain and puddles may be soaked up with towels. If your bathroom towels get too drenched as you go along, throw all of them in the dryer (if not currently loaded on the moving van) or look for places to hang them in rotation.

If perhaps all this preparing feels a little mind-boggling, keep in mind, if hiring professional movers in Colorado Springs, they will take the worry out of a stormy moving day by figuring out the details of everything for you in order to lessen the exposure to your things.


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