Think Twice Before Packing and Moving These Items

packing for a moveBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Moving includes a lot of decision-making. You choose exactly what gets packed and how to pack it. However you additionally pick precisely what will stay behind. Many professional moving companies in Colorado Springs build their charges around the weight of the shipment as well as distance traveled for long-distance moves. Consequently, every surplus thing you pack, pushes the charge up needlessly. There are many methods to minimize the total you have to move just by making smart judgments during the lead-up.

Old home appliances, cumbersome pieces of furniture, along with items your household does not make use of any longer may be offloaded before the move itself. Give away your extra, host a garage sale, or sell your items on the internet. Not sure what to leave behind? Let's look closer at things to think twice about moving to Colorado Springs.

Unused Toys and Play Furniture

Kids grow out of playthings and often lose interest in past play sets. In case there are toys or perhaps sets of play furniture going rarely used in your house, you may wager another family has a child who is going to think it's great. By just donating or selling the rarely used playthings, you lessen your load for moving and provide other kids the ability to have fun with the toys that your kids are done with.

Outgrown or maybe Unworn Outfits

Clear out your closet, as well as the closets of everybody in the household. Anything you use frequently or seasonally, pack. All that you don't dress in anymore (or simply don't wish to wear) can be left behind. It can be incredible just how much weight you can offload through doing away with the rarely used part of each and every wardrobe in the household. Give away or sell the clothes that the family leaves behind.

Old Appliances

When your family owns home appliances like a washer/dryer or extra deep freeze, assess if it is actually worth the work to move. You may sell it to the home buyer or landlord. You could possibly sell it at a yard sale or to an area appliance merchant. This saves you weight and likely will prevent a rickety outdated appliance from breaking during the bumpy route ahead. You may buy new home appliances in the future or free yourself to invest in a residence which already contains new appliances.

Rickety or Bulky Home furnishings

Certain household furniture is undoubtedly cherished or essential and may absolutely come with you. Although not all furniture falls in that range. Do not have the moving company in Colorado Springs move any household furniture that your family would not care about and may be easily replaced in the new city. Ensure that there's ample space in your new house. You can also free your mind from worrying about any pieces of furniture left behind, because it can't be harmed in the move.

Worn Out Mattress

Mattresses are another good candidate for being left behind. Mattresses ought to be changed out approximately every 8 years, dependent in the caliber of the mattress. Most of us tend not to replace our mattress near frequently enough, and a move is a good excuse to do that. When you have a lumpy old mattress (or maybe more than one), do not move them to your new residence. Treat yourself to a new layered mattress to inaugurate your new residence when you arrive. Actually, there are many brands which will have a mattress delivered on the day you show up so that you can sleep on a brand-new fresh mattress within your fresh new home.

Tough-to-Move Stuff

Last but not least, take into consideration things that your moving company in Colorado Springs might need to make unique arrangements for. Fish tanks, substantial musical instruments, sensitive glass; for those who have a reason to buy new when you get there, you'll save yourself and the professional movers some trouble by making that decision. Should you have a piano of marginal quality or little sentimental value, leave it to a local school or church rather than moving it.


Packing efficiency isn't always about getting everything in the moving truck. Sometimes, it is about understanding what to leave behind. For additional useful moving guidance or to plan your approaching moving services, contact A-1 Freeman Moving Group in Colorado Springs today!


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