Moving a Flat Screen Television to Colorado Springs

moving a flat screen TVBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Let's be honest. Some items are simpler to move as opposed to others. When you imagine items which are really a pain to move, usually big, hefty things like the couch or the refrigerator come to mind. Flat screen TVs may not be necessarily weighty, however they definitely take a little specialized consideration in order to remain secure and unharmed while moving. No matter whether you are moving yourself or hiring a professional moving company in Colorado Springs to help, there are still items that you want to take note of when moving your flat panel TV. 


Prior to you making any movements toward packing up that TV, take a handful of quick photos of the many cords and connections to ensure you have a visual guide when you're connecting everything back up after you reach your new residence. Subsequently, mindfully remove all wires and cables. Coil them up and fasten them with a twist tie or rubber band and pack them into a carton. Additionally, be sure to label the carton. If the TV has a base or wall bracket, remove that also. These pieces can be loaded inside the same TV equipment carton as the cables. Make certain and place all screws straight into baggies and yet again, label them. There is no reason to have to speculate which screws go to which objects once you are reassembling everything at your destination, and considering the mayhem which frequently ensues around moving day, you shouldn't rely exclusively on your recollection in relation to making sure all the things gets put together again as it was before. Additionally, as long as you're at it, place all remotes in this carton, too. 


With a little good luck, you had moving day in your thoughts when you purchased your flat screen TV, and therefore, you kept the original TV box and inserts. Having said that, should you be like most people, you did not want a substantial empty package filling your garage area or attic, so you disposed of it (ideally by way of recycling). When the later is the case, you can buy a box and corner covers from a moving supplies store or from the local moving company. Make certain to buy a container that is adequate to fit around the Television with a bit of excess room for cushioning. Cover the television carefully in some moving blankets, position the corner protectors on and put it into the carton. 


The best strategy to haul your flat screen TV will be to keep it vertical. In an effort to ensure that it remains in the appropriate placement in the moving truck, secure it beside a mattress or something sturdy, for instance a dresser or bookshelf. Make sure and keep the carton of cabling and accessories close by for simpler unpacking.

When you arrive at your new home, invert the process and in no time, your flat screen TV could be all set to broadcast the hottest cartoon movie or big game.

And, if all this appears too mind boggling to tackle yourself, give A-1 Freeman Moving Group or maybe your nearby moving company in Colorado Springs a call. They would be ready to help ensure that your flat screen Television arrives at your destination unscathed.


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