Hidden and Sometimes Forgotten Costs of Moving

Cost of MovingBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

There is good news and bad news in relation to moving. We are confident that it won't come as a huge shock that the bad news is that moving is not just hectic, but it can also be expensive, also. On the opposite hand, the great news is that it's a possibility to avoid paying a lot more than you should by expecting and budgeting for a couple hidden moving expenses that crop up without warning and hit your wallet. The important thing is doing your research and being prepared.

Read the Fine Print

When you're getting estimates from moving companies in Colorado Springs, make sure and study the details. You need to have a decent comprehension of what's a part of each quote to be able to verify that you are comparing apples-to-apples. In case there is something that you don’t comprehend, do not be afraid to ask questions. In case you believe something is absent within the quote, it is safer to bring that to the moving company’s awareness at this point than be shocked in the future by an additional expense.

· If you have large or bulky items that might require specific handling, like a snowmobile, hot tub or grand piano, you will need to bring that to the professional mover’s focus to ensure that any additional charges can be a part of your estimate.

· Similarly, be aware that various items, such as gas appliances and front-loading washing machines, may need a third-party service to disconnect the item at your origin location and prepare it for shipping and afterwards hook it back up at your new residence.

· In the event that there's restricted clearance on your street that makes the moving vehicle too large to fit, the moving company in Colorado Springs might need to shuttle your furnishings to the moving van utilizing a smaller truck. There is typically an added cost for this service, so it's vital that you discuss it when you are getting your quotes.

· You will likely have a great deal of boxes to deal with after unpacking, so check to determine if an empty box pick up is included in your estimate or if it is going to be an extra expense.

Road Tripping to the New Residence

If you are relocating a long distance that requires a long drive to get to your new house, you’ll need to consider travel costs. Make sure to not only arrange for a hotel room, but also take into account things like meals, tolls, fuel and emergencies which may turn up while you're on your way.

Damage Control

You see that sizeable ding that you put in the wall when moving your table and also the scuff marks you've made on the hardwood floor when you scooted the entertainment center across it? Well, the incoming family or landlord is going to do a final walkthrough and might request payment for those damages to pay the expense of the repairs. If you happen to be a renter, it might be in the form of not getting your security deposit back.

Change of Plans

Occasionally life happens and your best designed plans crumble. In case the paperwork for the closing of your new house gets postponed or perhaps the renovations that you had planned to conclude prior to move in day get off track, you might need storage for your belongings. Inform your moving company in Colorado Springs as quickly as possible concerning the delay and go over options with them. In case the delivery just has to be pushed out a short time, your things could possibly be stored on the trailer they are presently loaded on. However, if it might be a lengthy time before you will be ready to accept delivery, your items will most likely have to go into storage at a close by warehouse. Remember that the longer your belongings are kept in storage, the higher the added expense will be.

The Bottom Line

Indeed, moving to a new house can be a challenge. Yes, unplanned costs occur. However, if you do your research beforehand and budget accordingly, you will be a step ahead if something unanticipated happens.


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