Hacks for Making Moving to Colorado Springs Less Overwhelming

make moving less miserableBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

With over 4 decades in the moving business, we have talked to thousands of folks who are moving, and we have compiled their favorite hacks which will make moving to Colorado Springs less mind-boggling. We understand that each and every move has its own set of challenges and complications, nevertheless we have come up with a list of products, tools and techniques which have made the process significantly less overwhelming.

As well as utilizing the suggested things below, we have learned that sticking with a basic methodology works well no matter where you are moving or what you are moving. To start with, sell or give away anything that is a hassle (or exceedingly expensive) to move, such as home furnishings or sizeable appliances. Everything you keep, pack with caution-it calls for time to obtain dependable and purposeful items. Moving is costly and also physically demanding, and we have all made use of whatever no cost or low-cost materials function great for moving replaceable possessions, but safety measures for the personal belongings that matter calls for putting out some cash. And in case it is within your price range to do so, hiring professional movers in Colorado Springs is almost always well worth the price: Your back (and your friends) are going to thank you.

Have an abundance of permanent markers on hand

You'll want to label every carton, container, or bag so that you recognize what is what during the move, and the most successful way to achieve that is to have ample permanent markers easily obtainable. They are affordable markers, so don't be reluctant to go bonkers. Have one or more for each and every person helping with the packing in addition to one per room. This way nobody is likely to “label it later” or perhaps to label not enough of the boxes’ sides to save ink, and you are more likely to have big, legible labels which state “hand towels, bath things, toiletries”-or at the very least “bathroom”-as opposed to a stack of mystery cartons to figure out once you arrive at your new house in Colorado Springs.

Close boxes more rapidly with a tape gun

Look for a good tape gun for more productive, heavy-duty packing and moving.

And speaking of tape.....don't get the cheap stuff

Purchase top quality packing tape. Here's what one particular patron documented soon after buying inexpensive tape, "It was a complete freaking nightmare. The tape was thin and would continuously tear down the middle, so I spent more time searching for the leading edge of the tape than I did packing."

Begin keeping your egg cartons now

Package jewelry and other little things into empty egg cartons, so it does not get tangled. Just tape it shut once you're done and try to ensure that it stays upright throughout the move.

Color code your boxes

Make use of colored duct tape to keep your cartons organized. Specify a different color for every room in your home, and don't forget to make a key that you can put up at your new home so that the movers understand which area the container belongs to!

Take advantage of your smartphone

Snap a photograph of the back of your TV along with other electronic devices. That way, you know precisely which cords go where when you are setting up in the new home!

Give liquids a wrap

To avoid spillage mid-move, uncap all household liquids - from toiletries to cleaning products - next cover up the top by using clear plastic wrap, and securely reseal the cap. And, be sure to talk to your movers regarding what fluids can move on the moving van and which ones you will want to transport yourself.

Corral cords utilizing toilet paper rolls

One method to lessen the disorderly mess of extension cords is to wind each and every cord up in a 6-inch coil, and place each into its individual toilet paper roll. You will have substantially more room in the box, without any snarled mess to unpack later on. Just remember to clearly label the box!

Think ahead

Place crucial gadgets (such as your coffee maker) in a laundry basket so you can put them on your countertop immediately in your new place in Colorado Springs.

Unbox using a box cutter and gloves

Packing is merely fifty percent of the chore-at the other end of the road, you will be unpacking all of your belongings. A high quality box cutter, also known as utility knife, makes cutting open and breaking down a large number of boxes much faster and simpler. And a pair of light-weight work gloves is going to safeguard your hands from the chafing, drying impact of coming in contact with all that cardboard; gloves composed of breathable cloth, with grippy, rubbery fingers and palms, are most suitable.

For some additional ideas on how to organize a long-distance move, click HERE to check out a post from our friends at Apartment List. 

And when all of the moving tasks are all over.....take a deep breath and allow yourself a bit of "me time". Watch a movie, order some pizza, or do what you need to relax following a extended day of hard work.

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