Childproofing Your New Residence in Colorado Springs

moving -  childproof your homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

We all like to trust that our houses are our safe areas, however if you simply take a look at house in the eyes of a child, there could be impending danger at every turn. From the electrical outlets just alluring little fingers to explore them to the unforgiving sides of fireplaces, all those fixtures you never truly paused to consider have now turn into a danger.

An excellent time to childproof your new house is right after the moving company in Colorado Springs gets there to unload your possessions. Then, it is possible to arrange your house and deal with safety issues in one swoop. Nevertheless, when you are moving isn’t the only occasion you should be conscious of items that are dangerous for your kids. You should routinely go through your residence room by room and make certain there are no issues within reach.

Kitchen area: It is essential in the kitchen to place safety latches on all cabinet doors you do not want children opening and closing-especially all of the cabinets holding cleansers or other harmful items. Some other options consist of: 

  • Storing all cleaning materials up out of reach
  • Putting covers on all of the outlets
  • Locking any drawers which contain sharp objects
  • Keeping glass containers and other breakables out of reach

Bathrooms: Water is incredibly dangerous to small children. Toilets may require a child locking mechanism to ensure that they're closed, and you will need to make sure to never leave water standing in your tub. In addition, give some thought to turning your hot water heater down to ensure that no potentially scalding water can come streaming through the taps. Additionally be sure to: 

  • Put covers on all of the outlets
  • Lock cupboards with chemicals/cleansers
  • Make positive children have zero the means to access medications

Living Spaces: Sharp corners are a huge risk factor in communal spaces. When little ones are starting to maneuver around, it’s easy to smack heads and tumble into edges. Safety buffers will go quite a distance in order to make these things much safer. Several other considerations are: 

  • No looped cords on window blinds or draperies
  • No loose electrical cords
  • Safety covers on outlets
  • Move big books as well as other things that can be dragged off shelves out of reach
  • Secure furniture on the wall to prevent tipping
  • No climbing accessibility from piece of furniture to potentially dangerous high places (such as windows)

It is also recommended that you take safety measures for larger dangers. Staircases might require gates to circumvent youngsters from going up or slipping down. Rooms you don’t prefer youngsters to get into can be secured with childproof handles. Swimming pools require locked gates. Remember-anything that appears like fun is going to be the target for investigation sometime in the future. So, as the moving company in Colorado Springs is unloading your things and you are unpacking at your new home, make time to childproof every room….and keep your children safe!