A Move Coordinator--Taking the Stress Out of Your Move to Colorado Springs

Family Moving to a New HomeFor anyone planning a long-distance move, the specifics of the move itself are just mind-boggling—sorting through and packing up your belongings, determining who's doing your packing, confirming moving trucks, working with a realtor to sell your house and securing a new home--these are just a couple of the things that cause sleepless nights if you've got a For Sale sign in your yard. And once you do fall off in slumber, you are having nightmares about a crude moving crew loading your entire life into a ramshackle moving truck with questionable mud flaps-so being awake is actually favored to that scenario.

Calm down. When you choose the right moving company, you do not have to stress about the particulars --you'll have a move coordinator to assist you throughout your move to Colorado Springs, one step at a time, and act as your main point of contact throughout--from calculating how many boxes you will need to making sure the washing machine is set up at your new residence. With a move coordinator on your side, you will never panic about your move.

Here are a few things your move coordinator will help you with, beginning with assisting the account manager with your moving estimate.

Estimate Time, Trucks, and Materials

Regardless if you are packing yourself or having the moving company send a crew to do it, you'll require supplies--boxes, tape, paper, and bubble wrap or peanuts. Your account manager--someone with an average of 10 years in the moving industry--will come to your house, and walk through with you to determine not only how many trucks you'll need, but can verify how many boxes--and what sizes—you'll want for each room. If you choose to pack yourself, they will provide you tips on how to fill the boxes so they are not too bulky. Once you've gone through the entire residence—living area, basement, attics, garage—you'll get an idea of the time and materials required to get you on your way. If you've got stuff in a storage locker somewhere, be sure and make that known, too--the last thing you want is to forget to mention you have a 10 X 20 storage locker that is filled to the brim.

Plan for Disassembly and Assembly

A professional moving company only employs top-quality, experienced movers. The crews that come to your house on moving day are background checked, insured, uniformed, and trained. Since your move coordinator has a list of what needs to be taken apart and then reassembled, your crew will have the tools and expertise to tackle the job--from a grandfather clock to a backyard grill, you can be confident that the task will be done correctly. If you change your mind about something (donating the swing set or deciding to take the big grill after all), simply give your move coordinator a call and it is handled.

Manage Vehicle Transport

Interstate moves usually include moving your cars, boats, and motorcycles. Move coordinators can not only assist with the technicalities of relocating your wheeled things, but can direct you on registering and tagging them if you are going to a new state or country.

Storage in Colorado Springs

Sometimes your new home is not quite ready, or you are downsizing and not sure what you'll wind up keeping, or you are doing some renovating and not all the way finished when you move. Your move coordinator arranges for short-term storage while you are waiting to finish moving in. Your coordinator is knowledgeable on how to pack for storage, based on your estimated time you will need it. Your boxes are packed and grouped according to destination--the things going to your house will be separate from the boxes and furniture being put into storage. When you're ready to have those items delivered, just notify your move coordinator and the trucks and movers are on their way.

A-1 Freeman Moving Group has been in the business over four decades, and offers professional service—no matter if your move is across town in Colorado Springs or across the globe. Click here to get started on your estimate and leave the hard stuff to the professionals.