8 Tips for Moving to Colorado Springs with Kids

Moving with Kids - Moving Boxes

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 
It is very fun to have a new location to live. Particularly if the move is better than your current home.

But kids may not view things in the same light, especially if they have close friends and/or family where they live now. The idea of moving to a different school and away from current relationships can cause a lot of apprehension in children.

While it can be tough for kids to move away from everyday faces, places, and things, there are things you need to do to aid the transition to Colorado Springs.

Honest Communication

Make sure they know what is going on each point down the path. Children should feel safe to express their jitters as well as being able to ask questions so be prepared to offer facts and answer any questions they may have. While a number of their thoughts and concerns could be negative, be prepared with empathy and optimistic answers. Be careful to not brush off their worries but, rather, recognize their concerns and find ways that you can work together to reduce them.

Introduce Them to Their New Home in Colorado Springs

When viable, take them to the new area and even to the new house. Let them get a feel for where they will be moving to. If it's not a possibility to go to the new home and neighborhood, take pictures or videos so they'll have an inkling of what the new place will look like. Be sure to mention all of the positive features of the move (bigger rooms, big yard, etc.).

Take them for a Tour of the School

It may not be a possibility to do a school tour on site, but nearly all education institutions in America are on the internet. Visit the local school board's website and you'll likely find links to your child(ren's) new school(s). Explain to them the various school organizations and activities that they might participate in. School can be a huge origin of worry for children and also one of the largest parts of their lives, so it is important that they are prepared before their first day at a new school. If you are capable of taking them on a physical tour of the new school, be make to introduce them to administrators like the principals and guidance counselors.

Involve Them in Packing

There are a lot of age-appropriate ways that children could be included in the chore of packing up. Allow them to help you box up their personal things in moving boxes and allow them to label the boxes of their stuff. (A perk is they can pick through their stuff and donate or trash things that they no longer need.)

Stick with Routines

Moving to Colorado Springs can be a crazy and exhaustive time for parents but do not allow this to deter you from sticking with the same familiar schedules the kids are accustomed to. Children require predictability to feel safe and moving time is one of those occasions when it's very necessary. Since they are already experiencing a time of change by moving to an unfamiliar place, it is very crucial to keep as many things familiar as possible.

Decorate Their Rooms First

Kids need structure and familiarity so it is imperative that their new rooms be as familiar to them as possible. By getting their new bedrooms furnished and decorated first, you let them know that they are important parts of a new life. Keeping them involved in the process fortifies this need and makes them feel cared about and “at home”.

Investigate the New Neighborhood

Guide your children in getting familiar with the new lay of the land, landmarks, and neighbors. Encourage them to meet new friends and grasp the layout of the new area so they don't feel quite so lost.

Avoid Stress

When parents stress, kids stress. That's why it is a good idea to employ everything you possibly can to be sure you don't feel stressed out, yourself. By arranging for a professional moving company to aid you in your residential move, you remove lots of the stress from your back so you can concentrate more on the crucial stuff.

The most important thing when moving with kids is to ensure they are feeling safe and secure. If you seize every moment to help them see the happy side of the move and get excited about it, your chances of making them feel loved are higher and they will be much happier embracing your new house in Colorado Springs.