5 Things to Do Before the Moving Truck Arrives

Cans of SodaBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

You have decided on the perfect moving company in Colorado Springs, packed your whole life into cartons, booked your dates with the professional movers, organized your journey, packed up your travel bag, and have a new residence all prepared and ready at your destination. After all that work to get everything geared up... finally it's moving day. And, if you have done your job correctly, you may well find yourself sitting on the entrance step expecting the truck pondering... what now?

Having a few hours to oneself moving day can appear enjoyable, tiring, fascinating, or dubious. Everybody reacts differently, but the truth is you do not have to simply sit around waiting for the moving van to show up. Rather, you can go down a helpful checklist that will make certain you actually are bowing out with every duck in a row. Here are five great tasks to complete whilst watching for the professional movers in Colorado Springs to get there.

Last Cabinet Check

Complete a final walk through your residence and perform a concluding examination of each space, closet, cupboard, and upper shelf. Be sure you are not negelecting something or leaving behind a carton within a closed room in your home where the movers won't locate it. It could be useful to have one final half-full box open to grab the odd mitten, earring, or kitchen towel that you may scrounge up in the distant reaches of the cabinetry on your last check.

This is the optimal time to additionally get a glance at each bathroom. Ensure there is toilet paper, a hand towel, and hand soap in every one. This is not only useful for you and the movers on moving day, it is additionally a considerate real estate method to leave a house: bathroom-ready.

Clear Room for the Movers

Following, consider the place that the moving truck will park. You'll need a long area, almost certainly curbside, with the back (or side) of the moving truck pointing in the direction of your residence however that is possible, if you live in a parking-space regulated neighborhood, you may need to book a row of individual spaces for the moving truck on the big day.

Then consider exactly where your professional movers are going to be walking and make preparations for a sizable path for them to safely use. You can put down planks if there is mud, although the majority of professional moving companies will lay down floor runners to keep your floors tidy. It's also wise to clear away any barriers out of the way to speed up the move and get rid of falling hazards.

Explore the Contract & Dispose of Unmovables

While awaiting the moving truck in Colorado Springs, take the time to peruse your moving contract and documents. You'll find typically fascinating particulars and observations into the moving industry by merely browsing the documents that the moving company in Colorado Springs sent you.

The contract will likely list certain things that the movers are unable to move, usually by law. These include anything living which includes plants and flowers, anything that might explode, or anything that could rot in the truck. If you have fish, household pets, hazardous materials, or plants then make plans to take them with you rather than relocating them in the truck. And if you have any queries about what can and can't go on the truck, give your moving coordinator a call. He or she would be pleased to reply to any inquiries you may have.

Fill the Fridge with Sodas and Water

Next, take the opportunity to load your refrigerator with refreshments. The refrigerator has already been emptied which suggests there will be more than enough room for cases of soft drinks and water and possibly even light snacks for the crew. The bigger your move, the more appreciated refreshments will be. Particularly if you, like most, move in the warmer periods. Offering treats for the moving crew is absolutely not imperative, but we promise you that it will be well received and appreciated.

Load Your Vehicle

Lastly, be sure that your personal vehicle is loaded and prepared to move. Chances are, after the professional movers have left and you have cleaned the place one final time, you'll be exiting once and for all. The best way to make sure you do not forget something is to carry out the comprehensive examination beforehand. Check your gas and oil levels. Review your overnight bag and make sure any plants and domestic pets are prepared to leave when it's time.


Once you've taken care of everything, awaiting the moving truck will feel like a sizeable stretch of unfilled time. However with this list, you will have your time proficiently utilized so that the house is picture-perfect when the professional movers arrive. For more moving tips or to consult on your moving needs, call us today!


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