Six Methods to Keep the Crew Motivated Throughout Your Office Move to Colorado Springs

By Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Office MovingAt some stage in the life cycle of your company you're going to move your workplace. A commercial relocation is commonly as stressful for you and your employees as a household goods move, only a lot more for you since you are responsible for your team's well-being, as well. Below are 6 tips on how to keep your team encouraged and involved throughout your office move to Colorado Springs.

Open Discussion

Be as honest and transparent as you can with your employees. Make sure they know the causes for the move--enlargement, more affordable office space, or even the need to be closer to infrastructure including railways or airports--and more to the point, make the move public as soon as possible. If your move is because of downsizing, reassure your remaining staff that the move is part of a positive reorientating. Send out a pre-move schedule that includes crucial dates--any project deadlines, the periods you'll be moving, the times that you'll be packing and loading. The greater details you provide, the better your team will coordinate their responsibilities through to the move time. If something fluctuates in your agenda, get the word out.

Request Suggestions

Once you've chosen to make a move, gather suggestions from your team--a wish list, if you will--about the location and the kind of office space they'd prefer. If you can, incorporate the workers in the decision making--these are the people who got you where you are, therefore their views and ideas should make a difference.

Deal with Commute Times, Transportation, and Parking

Every business is unique, but there are several constants overall for example--everybody will have to commute to the office. In case you are in a small city, a move will not be such a problem regarding things like parking garages, public transport, and traffic patterns because they usually are not an issue. In case those are issues for your staff, you will need to think about how they effect their capability to get to and from the new location in a practical time, and how and where they park should you be in an downtown area where parking is at a premium. Plan everyone's new commute and time, and if you can, offer to assist with bus or subway cost or parking fees. Be open to flexible hours or work-from-home days for all workers that are up against extended driving times.

Supply Information on Child Care in Colorado Springs

Research child care and after school care around the new office and offer to help pay for any application charges for associates who have to make a change in child care.

Establish Targets, Yet Have Fun

It is easy to get caught up in the nervousness and adrenaline rush--to the point which not much work gets carried out in the days preceeding the office move to Colorado Springs. Especially if your move is long-distance, it is easy to forget the jobs at hand when you are searching for a new house and marketing your old residence and checking out schools and uprooting families. There could be confusion and uncertainty, so allow your team some leeway--but be ready to gently steer any wanderers back on the right track should they start to slip.

Human nature being how it is, you might have some low morale and anxiety in the weeks approaching the move. Once more, if the move is long distance this will be more apparent, so offer rewards for keeping focused and positive. Plan packing gatherings or get-togethers for families on the weekends.

Supply an Information Packet on Colorado Springs

Even in this digital age, an information packet is an excellent item to have. The particulars of the folder is dependent upon the type of the move--if it happens to be local then chances are you won't need to research school choices and local communities. For a move that involves moving homes as well as the workplace, there are the points you will need to manage, such as: subdivisions, educational institutions, child care, places of worship, hospitals/health care, local retailers (grocery, local pharmacy, shopping), places to eat, vets, health clubs and after school programs.

Similar to any move, a commercial relocation to Colorado Springs will likely be hectic. By using these simple suggestions, you can alleviate a bit of that anxiety and make sure it is a positive adventure that leads to increased employee retention, so that you can hit the ground running the initial working day in the new workspace.

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