Our Top 5 Restaurant Suggestions in Colorado Springs

delicious food awaits you in Colorado SpringsDid you just move to Colorado Springs, Colorado? It’s great to have you! We think you’ll agree, if you didn’t already think about it, that there are heaps of terrific places waiting for you to explore in our community: museums, monuments, parks, trails, and, oh, so much more! We envision, though, that you’re most concerned with the primary thing people normally wish to know after moving to Colorado Springs: where can I go to get really good food? Well, Colorado Springs won’t leave you with an empty stomach! You’ll find all of your favorite chain restauarants, for starters. But, yeah, everyone knows those can get a little boring sometimes. So we at A-1 Freeman Moving Group would like to propose a few of our favorite Colorado Springs eating establishments; places with fantastic food and a ton of local atmosphere that we’re pretty positive you’ll like as well:
  • Over Easy, A Daytime Eatery – Specializing in amazing breakfast food at any time of the day, this is the place to go if you want gourmet pancakes, omelettes, eggs benedict, or french toast. They also have some traditional sandwich options available.
  • Caspian Café Mediterranean – If you’re looking for a taste of authentic Mediterranean cuisine, look no further than the Caspian Café. Featuring dishes from Greece, Lebanon, Spain, and more, the options available are astounding and taste fantastic as well.
  • Paravicini’s – For some of the best Italian in Colorado Springs, head on over to Paravicini’s. You’ll find all your favorite pasta dishes such as lasagna, spaghetti, ravioli, and more. With a covered patio, you can even eat outside and enjoy the weather.
  • Rudy’s Country Store and Bar-B-Q – For the real taste of Texas up here in Colorado, be sure to stop by Rudy’s for some of the best Bar-B-Q in town. All of your favorites are here, including brisket, ribs, sausage, turkey, pulled pork, and all the sides to go with them. Their homemade sauce is the perfect topper to a perfectly cooked meal.
  • Crave Real Burgers – Ever think that you don’t have enough options when ordering a burger? Crave Real Burgers has you covered. With at least 17 different types of burger, there’s no better place in Colorado Springs to take the family. For breakfast, give the Luther a try with its bacon, cheddar, egg, and onion with glazed donuts as the bun!
Don’t stop with our list, though! There are a whole host of other great places to eat here in Colorado Springs that it’ll be a long, long time before you run out of new options! After you’ve visited a handful of them, we’re certain you’ll designate a few favorite establishments of your own.

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