DIYing Your Move to Colorado Springs? Leave These Things to the Pros

Moving to a new homeBy Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Like you are not anxious enough with the upcoming move, you have got to think about the logistics of moving prep--do you do it yourself, or engage a professional crew to do it for you? If you are utilizing a full-service moving company, you will find the choice of a full-service move--all you have to do is get out of the way and let the professional movers in Colorado Springs do their thing. Should you be more the Do-it-yourself type and preparing for renting a moving van and counting on friends, you may need to reevaluate that plan.

Apart from protecting your back, and your friendships, there's some other reasons to hire a moving company to pack and transport your household goods. For starters, these people are pros and know how to pad and pack your valuable items. They're also insured--if you drop Great-Aunt Edith's crystal on the driveway, it will be on you. In case your professional mover in Colorado Springs does not get it just perfect and things break, no problem--it is covered.

What is Truly More Difficult to move? Exercise Equipment or Fine China?

May seem like a dumb question, correct? Wrong.

If you pack a box of china and wrap all the pieces adequately, odds are good that it will get through some bumps and even perhaps a small drop. If you try to move a large piece of workout equipment--say you received a Peloton for Christmas--and you lose your grip and it tumbles to the floor, that bike is likely to fare worse than the little box. You can purchase replacement dishes on eBay, yet replacing that Peloton won't be inexpensive.

You've got a considerable amount invested in your gym equipment, hence working with a moving company to take elements apart and move them properly is well worth what you are going to spend on professional help.

Art and Antiques

For those who have any fine art or collectibles, it is worth the cost to get them expertly packed and transported. These items are typically covered on a rider that is apart from your fundamental home policy--check out the fine print about moving. There could well be a condition that you have to make use of experts for insurance coverage to be effective.

One other reason to employ a moving company in Colorado Springs to handle your fine pieces is because they have the resources and know-how to construct custom crates and boxes for unusually shaped items like large mirrors, sculptures, paintings, and so forth.

It Ain't Heavy, It is Simply a Sleeper Sofa

Okay, you're thinking, I have got a moving van with a lift gate, some hand trucks, and a number of quilts as well as tape, and my buds are strong folks. We can do this, no problem. Surely, you can. However is it really a great idea?

Moving that sofa across the room is one thing. Move it out of the home, across the driveway and in the moving truck is often a whole different project, and unless it is just a straight flat line from point A to point B, it's going to consume a lot of the clock. Multiply that couch by chairs, dining tables, bed mattresses, additional sofas, and a lawn mower, and that's not worth a cold soda along with a pizza.

Moving to The Music

Then there exists the dreaded piano--are you at ease moving that? In fact an upright has a weight of around 300 pounds, and a baby grand is easily over 1000 pounds. There's close to 18 tons of force on the strings--and one can snap in a second if you have no idea what you're doing. Not forgetting the scrapes on a wood floor--you've got to raise it up onto casters or a piano dolly, to ensure you don't leave gouges in the wood.

String instruments are also delicate and need to be moved in their cases. If you don't have the case, a professional can create a crate for the instrument, wrap it delicately in bubble wrap, and then, they know specifically where to place it in the moving truck.

Knowing how to pack the truck is a form of art, it's also important to leave all your heavy, delicate, and special belongings to the professional movers in Colorado Springs. But, you can pack your own socks.


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