4 Mistakes Not to Make When Packing for Your Office Move to Colorado Springs

by Julie DeLong, A-1 Freeman Moving Group 

Office Moving - Office RelocationBoxing up your office appears to be a straightforward undertaking, right? Especially if you are fairly tidy, it appears like all you would have to do is tuck your documents in one box, your computer, monitor and mouse in another, load up your office furniture, and away you go. However, relocating your office from point A to point B is many times quite a bit more time consuming than we would like to imagine it is. Luckily, avoiding these common blunders when it is time to pack up your office can save you a decent amount of anxiety when moving to Colorado Springs.

Mistake #1: Not Enough Organization

Whether you are doing a do-it-yourself move or have employed a moving company to help, the worst thing you can do when it is go time is begin without being appropriately prepared. You may believe you are prepared because you scribbled a one word item designation on the outside of the box, but what you need to do is prepare in advance what you're going to pack and in what order you need to pack it. After that, you should distinctly label what is is going into which box. Realistically, by the time you get your boxes loaded up, transported, and to the new business location, you're not going to be able to discern which box holds your desk telephone, and which one has your business files in it. So, write a list on every box of what's in it to escape digging, confusion, and some hysteria while you get unpacked.

Mistake #2: Burying Things You Really Need

If you have ever moved your house, you most likely recognize that notion of discovering the dishes you haven't used in a decade while unpacking, but not being able to unearth the shampoo and fresh clothes you need for tomorrow morning. An office move can contain the same complication. That is the reason that you need to pack up the things you are not going to need immediately (such as your tax records from seven years ago), and be sure they are loaded on the truck first. The things you are going to need promptly (your desk, your computer, your printer, etc.) should all be packed up last so they are the first boxes you unload off the truck. This method helps curtail your downtime, and helps you get right back on the job once you reach your new office.

Mistake #3: Not Using a Timeline or a Checklist

Moving an office to Colorado Springs is a process that tends to happen accumulatively, which is why it is vital to put in place the proper tools to track your progress. You should have a timeline mapped out to plan how long it will take to pack up your stuff, how long it will consume to move it, the amount of time it will consume to unpack, and then the amount of time it will take to put everything back together. The timeline needs to have some space in it for setbacks, and it must be supplemented with a checklist so you can mark off tasks as they are done. If you plan to hire a professional moving company, they will assist you with this process. Winging it is not a doable option for an office move.

Mistake #4: Bringing Stuff You Don't Need to Colorado Springs

Moving your office is an occasion to start fresh, and to put your best foot forward. But, a lot of folks wind up just relocating everything with them, whether they actually need it. That's why, before you start to think about packing, you should sift through every item in your office and contemplate if it needs to come to the new office. That broken stapler that you replaced and were keeping on hand in the event that you could get it rebuilt? Do not dirty up your new office with it. The pile of old, but still functional, cables you kept in the event of an I.T. issue? Well, if they are some years old, they are probably obsolete. That package of musty paper that does not fit your printer? Recycle it or hand it to an employee for their kids to doodle on. The more things you can dispose of (including digitizing old records so the paper copies are no longer necessary) the smoother your move will be.

Moving your office is a huge project, but with a little bit of forethought and organization, downtime can be minimized. A-1 Freeman Moving Group has been the office moving expert for over forty years. Our skillful staff can make sure that your office move to Colorado Springs goes issue-free. Contact us today!